Detail facts on Palestine You need to know

Did you know...?

All the land now called Israel used to be Palestine

To create Israel, in 1948 Israeli Zionists forced more than 750,000 Palestinians from their homes, destroyed towns, villages and crops and killed 15,000 people.

Zionist Israeli settlers continue to attack and murder Palestinians

To this day, settlers steal Palestinian land to build illegal Israeli settlements. In 2022, 36 children were killed by troops or settlers in the West Bank; between Jan and August 2023, 200 Palestinians were killed, the highest since 2005.

1.5 million Palestinians live as refugees

Those displaced in 1948, their children and grandchildren are refugees living in refugee camps on their own land. Seven million Palestinian refugees worldwide are denied the right to return to their homeland.

Gaza is often called an “open-air prison”

This is because this strip of land, 25 x 7 miles, lives under an Israeli air, land and sea blockade, preventing free movement of people and goods. Israel controls the water and electricity, regularly cutting supplies as it wants.

Israel is an apartheid state, as was South Africa up to 1994

All Palestinians living in Israel and Palestine live under racist laws that favour Israelis over Palestinians.

This did not start on 7 October 2023.

Why do Sunak and Starmer support this genocide?

To maintain US and Western colonial political and economic interests in the Middle East.

Join the movement demanding a permanent ceasefire and a Free Palestine!

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